Friday, September 4, 2015

Day Trading Guidelines

1. The three E’s: enter, exit, and escape
Rule No. 1 is having an enter price, an exit price, and an escape price in case of a worst-case scenario. This is rule number one for a reason. Before you press the “Enter” key, you must know when to get in, when to get out, and escape if the trade doesn’t work out as expected.

2. Avoid trading during the first 15 minutes of the market open
Those first 15 minutes of market action are often panic trades or market orders placed the night before. Novice day traders should avoid this time period while also looking for reversals. If you’re looking to make quick profits, it’s best to wait a while until you’re able to spot rewarding opportunities.

4. Have a selling plan
Many rookies spend most of their time thinking about stocks they want to buy without considering when to sell. Before you enter the market, you need to know in advance when to exit, hopefully with a profit.

5. Cut your losses
Managing losing trades is the key to surviving as a day trader. Although you also want to let your winners run, you can’t afford to let them run for too long. It’s more art than science to get it right, but learning how to control losses is essential if you are going to day trade.


sentu shil said...

agreed fully as a intraday trader..know ur stoploss and target before entering any trade..

Gullapalli Sankara said...

Sir Can you pl suggest a good book on day trading

Akash Jayant said...

Day trading is a very risky way to invest in stock market because the trader must buy and sell the stocks in same trading day.

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