Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trading & Taking Breaks

As Sir says, "Markets are stressful. No matter how cool and calm we try to be, the nature of the work does cause stress." 

It is here that taking breaks becomes immensely important. Some breaks are chosen by us, like going on a vacation. While others are by compulsion, like being down with viral fever ;) (I was down with Viral before 2 weeks, while Sir was down with the same last week!)

Both types of breaks can, if we choose to, reward us with something noted here, as per my insights:
1.     Help us de-stress
2.     Help us take time out and think, and re-focus on the primary goal
3.     Help us break the constant materialistic pulling force which just increases every passing minute.

I observed one more thing:
On taking breaks, i get re-connected to what exists, what matters.

While we are in the markets, in our routine, we can't think clearly regarding realigning ourselves with our set system or strategy. At times, we can't even make out if we need realignment in the first place. A break, even for some hours or a couple of days, completely from our routine, physically as well as mentally, should serve a healty purpose there. After all, we trade to make money even with a few correct confident trades, and not to punch unnecessary wrong trades.

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