Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lucknow - City of Nawabs

I will be in Lucknow on Saturday to address the CNBC-TV18 Investor Camp. If you plan to attend the camp, do come and say hello.

In fact, I am taking a day's holiday and will reach Lucknow on Friday itself. I mention this to point out that all traders need some respite from trading!

Actually, I will take the day off from active trading. In the Hotel, chances are that I will open my laptop, look at new trading ideas, do some research, check out new systems. This is relaxation for me. Take a brisk walk, workout on the treadmill will complete the resting process.

Markets are stressful. No matter how cool and calm we try to be, the nature of the work does cause stress. The way to cut down on stress levels is to :
(a) Trade with reasonable volume that does not disturb your sleep at all,
(b) Follow well defined methods,
(c) Understand that Markets sometimes reward us and sometimes do not.
(d) Meditate, exercise and otherwise keep your mind calm.


Gourav said...

Hello Sir,

Please try to take the video of your session and upload in the blog.Of course if this does not interfere with your business interest with CNBC.


Shankar India said...

Hi Sudarshan, thanks for this wonderful post. Your are going to the city of IIM Lucknow, where I studied many years back. I agree taking some time off often helps in seeing something new. Nifty on monthly charts looks way out of its safe zone, and I am expecting some kind of mean reversion later this year. Your views are always helpful. Thanks!