Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adam Grimes - Favorite Trader

I read a lot of trading books. Thanks to the Kindle, I can buy the book, receive it over the Internet and start reading it within a minute of placing the order. In years gone by, I had to prepare a bank draft, courier it to the USA, then wait for the book to arrive - the process took a month or more!

Well, in recent months, I realized I was reading a book again and again. This happened without any deliberate planning - which means, I did not tell myself - I am going to read this book again. I looked at my Library then clicked on this book to read. Many times.

The Book is: The Art and Science of Technical Analysis by Adam Grimes.

Mr Grimes also writes a blog, which offer a whole lot of trading ideas and wisdom. Here are a few links from his blog:

A Few Trading Rules

Taleb's Rules

The Dark Side of Technical Analysis

Five things we can do with charts - that work

If I go on, I will end up mentioning all of his blog posts. So, just visit his blog and thank him for sharing.

(My favorite trader has been Peter Brandt. Mr Grimes joins that brief list.)


Nikhil said...

Sir, I would like to know ur thoughts on Ed Seykota, Richard Dennis and George Soros.

Thank you.
Best regards.

Vikram said...

I read your blog. Thanks for sharing your valuable advise Sir.Much appreciated!

daytrader said...

while looking at weekly banknifty chart ,, i have found that @15600 there is a flag pattern formation with its pole @10000 ,,if really its a flag which had now broken to upside ,,,, target could be 20600 in long run ,,but the textbook definition are confusing me accepting this as a flag,,,yes we can easily consider rectangle breakout ,,, i would be very happy if sir would guide me... ,,,