Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Glamorous World

Most of the traders attracted to trading world due to glamour which they saw in the market, that is no physical work, home sitting work, get a quick buck, easy and anyone can start, higher leverage etc. But this is just a phase of glamour in the market and not the complete reality. The other side of market is more complicated, demand hard work, difficult to accept and the one which makes money not the glamour.

          It is possible that around 95% of fresh entrants exit the business with losses, when they fade out the shadow of glamour. What could be the reason behind this?
         Well, there is no simple or single answer, but one can assume that, the more you stay away from this glamour, more you will be closer to success. "Why so many people attracted to trading? Because it seems like an easy way to make a lot of money. But the fact is that the people who are successful in trading are tremendously hard workers". These lines are picked from a book MARKET WIZARDS by JACK D. SCHWAGER

           The author of the book interviewed a lot of successful traders and then write down in his book. The message is clear, if you are thinking you will be getting  rich quicker and make money easily through any method, then you are going on a dead end road. Because there is no such method exist in the trading world.

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