Friday, June 13, 2014

Consistency :A Method To Be Profitable

There are many ways or methods to make profits in market. Some do trading with use of few indicators while some use price action and patterns, and there are a lot other methods which are used by traders. There is a variety of methods, designed according to the ease and comfort of traders. But yet only few makes money in market while most of traders fail and lose money.

               When we develop a setup or method for trading, and if it works in market, even 40% to 50%, then we believe it is right and could be used during trading. But these methods can work in market only when they are followed continuously by a trader. If a trader is selecting random methods to pick up trade, then he/she cannot enjoy the real fruits of even a single method.

               The only option left for us when we choose a method for trading is, follow it consistently and do not disturb ourselves by trying to be over smart. It is a game of probability and sometimes we win and sometimes we loose, the only work we can do is, cut losses quickly and follow the discipline.

              So consistency is one of most important phenomena to be successful in trading. Be consistent in trading, in your method, with your discipline and only than you can expect a fruitful trading.

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