Friday, May 2, 2014

What Says International Indices

DJIA is trading at its life time high and took a sharp rally in last year. Now, it entered in a trading range since the start of this year and could breakout this range soon.

       S&P500 is also trading its new life time high and making new high on every month.

      Our asian friend NIKKEI225 took a sharp rally from 8500 to 16000 and then entered in trading range in last June.

      This all suggests that, all the major international indices are either trading at their life time high or trading in a range after new highs, which is clear sign of BULL.

       Nifty is also trading its new life time high and always like to follow global market. Our country is passing through general elections and which could generate a big fluctuation in market after the result, either up or down. But it should not change the overall trend of the market, which is up.

       The conclusion is the impact of result could be positive or negative on market (according to result) but it could not be Bull to Bear.

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