Saturday, May 31, 2014

Want To Be Good Trader: Start Meditating

According to an article from Bloomberg most of big Hedge Fund managers use meditation as a tool to keep relaxed their mind during trading. The article refers to big names like Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones and Michael Novogratz who are using meditation power to fine tuning their brains and improve their efficiency.

       Doing meditation regularly does not make your mind a superbrain or one of the sharpest minds.  It makes a person's mind relaxed and balanced in difficult situations. A calm and relaxed mind always takes better decisions  than a hyper one.

     We as a trader always need to be relaxed in all kind of market aspects and most of time this deficiency leads to wrong decisions and trades. For example, in choppy markets where markets are uncertain, so a balanced mind could help us easily either we should trade or not and if yes than what should be our method.

     To sum up, meditation could improve our trading to a higher level because trading always revolves around our mind. Do not expect that you will be a best trader by just doing meditation. Meditation helps, and, all help is welcome.

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Rushil Mithani said...


I missed ATA meeting on May31.2014.

Is there a way I can get recording of that meeting, even if on paid basis?

Rushil Mithani