Monday, May 19, 2014

Market Says: Cheers

A gap up opening of 150 points on election result day and a rally of 5970 to 7560 from Feb to May is a clear sign of Bull market. Election outcome in strong favor of BJP is key reason for this boost up. So the picture is clear now, market get what it want (An stable government of BJP) and it should lead the country economy at new higher levels.

        The value of Indian equities has climbed by $332 billion since the BJP announced Narendra Modi as their PM candidate, according to an article from bloomberg. So the outer world is also bullish on our market and could raise their investment, which is also a good sign.

        It is always easier to make money in Bull market rather than Bear market. And simple formula for it is, try to be long rather than short and wait patiently. Now many opportunities could emerge time to time to enter in market and to be profited.

       The conclusion is, we are in bull market so try to be long rather than short. But always use your method and setup to enter and exit.

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