Thursday, May 1, 2014

Discipline: The most powerful weapon of traders

        Adaniports took a strong rally in Feb from 140 to 180 and then entered in a trading range of 178 to 190. The stock fluctuates 3 times in this trading range and finally breakout resistance of 190 on 10 April with higher volumes. So a target of 202 and stop loss of 178 could be assumed.

        On second trading day after breakout it went down and close again below the resistance level, which attracts the attention of many invested traders. Did the pattern failed? or is it was a false breakout ? I am sure, most of the novice traders will exit their position at this confusion point.

        The reason is, they are following pattern only and not the discipline. The discipline says either wait for your stop loss or for your target with a predefined time frame. It was a range breakout upside after a month, then only one day reverse could not change the trend easily.

        The truth is, market moves always in this way, and immature or less disciplined traders trapped themselves in these kind of situations easily. A disciplined trader must have benefited from this, as the target achieved in only 7 trading days.


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