Monday, May 12, 2014

An Unpredictable Journey

Life is an unpredictable journey, where we get surprises at every moment, when we opened our eyes in this world until we close. At any point in our life we cannot predict what is going to happen with us in our next moment or day or year.

            We just can work to improve the probability of what we want to make happen, but there could not be complete surity. This is the reason life always surprise, teach us at every moment because we do not know about our future and in reality it is the real fruit of life.

            We are also in same kind of profession, which is a game of probability. We cannot predict what is going to happen but we can examine what is happening and can find out what could be the most probable move are coming, but they could not be sure.

            So whenever we made a good trade in market, it means probability goes in our favour and our analysis was good. But if we made a bad trade in market, then it means probability goes against us. It is not necessarily that our analysis was wrong.

           An method or analysis in market could be wrong. But if a method is working in market and giving us good trades, then it does not necessarily that it will keep working in every trade and our every trade will be a win. It could also be wrong in few trades or i should say it must fail in few trade because there is no 100% success formula in market.

          So whenever we failed in market, it simply means probability goes against us. Do not frustrate yourself too much, we all know very well it is probability game. Just follow the discipline, cut losses quickly and do not let your emotions to hurt your next trade.

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