Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Steve Jobs: His Gift to Traders!

A new financial year begins today, and i take this opportunity on behalf of Sudarshan Sir and the entire team to wish you Happy trading this new year 2014-15!

In our society, thinking for ourselves is not highly valued. Our education model was designed with the 19th century more than the 21st century in mind. Between the pressures of our teachers, parents, and ultimately co-workers, we often give up any search for personal meaning as we aim to belong to a tribe. After a while, we may not even believe we have something unique to offer. Rather than figure out what we are each about, far too many of us live within the boxes others define.

But when we define ourselves by what others want, we are trying to kiss a moving butt. To live in a box defined by someone else is to deny our uniqueness. Each of us is standing in a spot no one else occupies. That unique perspective is born of our accumulated experience, perspective, and our vision. When we deny these things, we deny that which only we can bring to the situation, our onlyness. And that is surely not the way the world is made better.

This reminds me of Steve Jobs’s life. The greatest gift Steve gave us is a way to design our own lives. He knew that his journey was to apply what only he could. He realized — and showed us — that our real job is not to conform to what others think. Instead, we need to recognize that our life’s goal is to find our own unique way in the world, to find the way that we move from being kiss-ass to being kick-ass.

Taking his cue into our world of Trading and Markets, what he always inspired me was to have my own perspective on the markets, my way of trading. Why do i want to know how others earn their money? Why do i wait for that one Big tip that might earn me crores? Why am I always on the look out of that Master Key from someone else from the outside seemingly selfish world? 

We often fall into the trap of doing what famous and successful traders do, without checking if that style goes with our preferences and personality. Financial Markets are ruthless, and they do not believe in forgiving mistakes. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to develop & recognize the systems that suit us, realise the styles of trading that benefit us the most, the level of risk we can bear, what time of trading that suits us, what type of temperament do we carry, what we should do off the market that improves our performace, and so on. Each of these will collectively decide our way of trading. And there is all the possibility that a famous experts style might not match with what suits me.

That is the fundamental gift of Steve Jobs. His insane greatness was to find his own journey and to live his life this way. He didn’t worry about being weird; he only wanted to be himself. And thats exactly my point! That each of us must find our own path. The unmarked path!

Let this be Steve's gift to us, for our new FY 2014-15!

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