Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Big Event

         Everyone in the country is waiting curiously that what will be the outcome of elections. Who is going to be the next PM of this country. We, traders also put an eagle eye on this event. It is an big event for country and also for our market.

         But what will be the outcome of the result and how it is going to affect the market is still the question? Most of the country person is expecting Mr. Modi as a PM and so as the market. We witnessed a big rally from 5970 to 6850 in Nifty and could see more upside. But market and election both are game of probability and no one can surely predict the future of them.

        Market probably could take more up move if the election outcome go according with market expectation as it took in May 2009. But what will happen if market expectation failed? Should Nifty start a free fall from this point?

        I do not beleive in it, because a wave of change is flowing in the country more than Mr. Modi wave. So we want to change the central government and it seems like Mr. Modi is the only available option for us. So even if the election outcome is not in favour of Mr. Modi, then market could probably face a correction but not a big downfall.

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