Saturday, February 1, 2014

Developing Our Own Self-Helping Ritual

I recently met a person who did a one week 'Authentic Leadership' program at the Harvard Business School. And while sharing about the course and his experiences, the one thing he mentioned stuck with me, that i share with you all here.

The Harvard people made all the participants do something very simple, yet something very profoundly interesting. They asked each member to visualize their own self 30 years older than their current age sitting with them right now. Say, if my age is 30, i will visualize Kirtan of age 60 sitting with me and telling me about how he understands life, what are the things he has realized to be of prime importance in life, what are those little & simple yet important things he missed out on doing, what are the mistakes he would love to rectify if given a second chance, and so on..

This simple yet immensely powerful exercise makes us look at life from a different perspective altogether, and helps us realign our priorities and our life all over again, which includes trading. And all this obviously makes us feel better, makes us feel more in control. Needless to say, a person who feels better inevitably does better at trading than one who feels directionless; lost. We don't need to spend 30 years more, just to regret and never get a second chance to realign our past. We rather do it now!

Trust me, this exercise takes a pencil, a piece of paper and not more than 15-20 minutes with our own selves. I guess we deserve 15-20 such minutes to our own selves at least every 3 months. I have fallen in love with this exercise. How about you?

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