Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your best investment idea for the next decade

Barry Ritholtz, (one of the world's most popular financial blogger) writes on this topic. You can read his full post here.

Here is an abridged list of the ideas, selected by some of the best financial brains. Please read the post for the full list.

2. Qatari Stocks: 

I'd pick the Doha Stock Market in Qatar. An easy way to invest is the closed-end Qatar Investment Fund listed in London, which gives you index exposure at a 10% discount to NAV. This should easily triple over 10 years in dollar terms with minimal downside risk."

5. Short Volatility

"I'd choose ZIV, an ETN that tracks short exposure to medium-term VIX futures. The reason for this choice is that the volatility risk premium is one of the best and most persistent sources of risk-adjusted returns, and selling the middle of the VIX curve has outperformed a lot of related volatility strategies."

 19. Short Commodities

For the next 10 years, I like shorting commodities. I expect little inflation-and more likely, deflation-so changes in real and nominal commodity prices will be about the same.

24. Investment Discipline

Practice Investment discipline - conduct quarterly portfolio reviews, practice diversification midst, rotation, use losses to offset tax liabilities from profit taking - back to basics. Never forget the quote Mark Twain is credited for: 'History may not repeat itself but it often rhymes.

The Big Picture directed me to Brightest Mind article at Business Insider


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