Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Praying & Trading: Notes - 8

There are two types of Prayers:

In the first type, the person asks for certain things to happen and attempts to tell God what he should do. This does not allow the Creator either time or space in which to act. God - who knows perfectly well what is best for each of us - will continue to do as he sees fit. And the person praying is left with the impression that his prayer went unanswered.

In the second type, the person may not understand the Almighty's intentions, but he allows his life to develop according to his Creator's plans. He asks to be spared suffering, he asks for joy in the Good Fight, but he never forgets to add: 'Thy will be done'.

This is how we, as true warriors, as passionate traders, would choose to pray!

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Bashu said...

Very good Kirtan! Please keep writing!