Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Powerful Exercise during Trading: Notes - 7

A true warrior (trader) practises a powerful exercise to gain the maximum he can from the moment he is present in: he pays attention to the things he does automatically, such as breathing, blinking, or noticing the things around him.

He does this when he feels confused, and in this way he frees himself from tensions and allows his intuition to work more freely, without interference from his fears and desires. This is what guides him and helps him to remain neutral while making his choices & taking his decisions.

Certain problems that appeared to be insoluble are resolved, certain sorrows from which he thought he would never recover vanish naturally.

He uses this technique whenever he is faced with a confusing or difficult situation.


Rajat said...

These warrior posts are getting boring? I know psychological part is important, but lets get more technical stuff in

Rajat said...

And from my short experience wisdom rarely comes from reading about other mistakes- Everyone needs to make their own mistakes

Avinash Ramanna said...

C-mon. Post more stuff on trading strategies , System effficiency, Exit enficiency, Profit factor, sharpe ratio something which relates to trading. You have to reduce posting on all these Warriors, Zen trading crap.

giri said...

Nice one sir