Monday, January 7, 2013

Rationale behind my Calls

I often get emails and comments in this bog, asking me why I gave so and so call on CNBC-TV18.

My trading style is a mix of traditional technical analysis derived from Edwards & Maggee and Wyckoff.

I have found this style to be in tune with my psychology. This means that I am comfortable with my analysis.

Every chart, every instrument can be analyzed with a variety of methods. If the method is used with consistency, properly managing the trade risk, then it will make money. This means, we can have different ways of analysis, but all of us can make money, provided we are consistent + manage our risk.

When the ways of market analysis are almost infinite, there is no need to explain my work, because you may have a different view point and both of us may be correct (means be profitable).


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Anandha said...

Sir, I understood few things from markets

1. If you do not about the technical Analysis, you do not trade.
2.If you like to follow someone, follow them completely including with SLs.( Even trading systems signals some times proven wrong as it could not predict what could happen).

You are great Ananlyst. Keep sharing your knowledge.

Thanks !