Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Writing a Trading Journal

Here is one more reason to write a trading journal.

Mercenary Trader writes on the-benefits-of-written-expression.


.....self deceit and self suppression both have surprising costs. In other words, if you lie to yourself or bottle up a harsh experience and don’t talk about it, there is a measurable negative impact on health.

This is relevant to trading because, as all traders know, markets deliver unsettling experiences from time to time. Writing about these experiences — expressing one’s self in a journal, even if only briefly — is a form of psychological release for body and mind.

There were already extensive benefits to writing about (journalizing) one’s trading experiences for the sake of objective improvement (what’s measured gets managed, what’s managed gets better). This is yet another reason to do it…


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Ssaameer Sunil Limaye said...

I have started doing this and has immensely benefitied me in many ways (like trade decision making by referring to old notations later, understanding your strengths and weaknesses with emotions and most important having a data driven approach rather than an emotion driven).

Now, all efforts are on to turn that into trading profits and consistent ones.

Seeking your blessings,
Ssaameer Sunil Limaye