Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Markets similar to Story of Mankind

History of the Markets is probably similar to the story of Mankind: more bullish than bearish.

A blog post in Pragmatic Capitalism titled The perpetual wall of worry  discusses how markets face severe setbacks in periods of hardship, but, "if the citizenry are moving in the right direction, they are likely to continue making progress.  After all, when taken to an extreme that is the story of man.  We innovate, overcome, survive."

The post says "Common sense says that mankind will always wake up in the morning attempting to be better than he/she was yesterday.  Fighting this powerful trend through persistent pessimism might pay-off in the short-term, but it is guaranteed to lose in the long-term.  And a good risk manager knows there will be bumps along the way.  Plan accordingly."


Chintan DESAI said...

As per the long term charts(8-12 yrs) of all over the world only japan seems to be in long term downtrend , all charts over the world are in long term uptrends

Chintan DESAI said...
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Dinesh said...

Dear Sir,
I am on the same page. Humans will keep progressing and innovating. I think natural disasters or wars may put blockades otherwise we got to move on.
From a trader's perspective, we have to be bullish / bearish depending on the scenario. If I may use the way you describe - we have to act depending on what market tells us to do.

Ashish Sankhla said...

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