Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two different positions

Once the trader is aware of the intermediate trend, the question of trading tactics comes in.

I am holding the view, that we are in some kind of a bear market with the market likely to correct the 2250 - 6350 rally. This correction may bring the Nifty down all the way to 4000.

So, I maintain an short position for the intermediate term. This is part of my total trading positions.

The balance of my trading positions are for swing trades: one to three days and intra day trades: closed same day. The decision is done on charts showing signs of expansion - go for swing trades, or, contraction - go for small intra day trades.


Jitender Yadav said...

Hello Sudarshan Ji
I must admire this great quality of yours as a trader that you seem to remain cool & calm during trading hours as being seen on ET-Now. With due respect to your fellow analyst ,one can easily tell by looking at his face and body language if his making money or losing it.
Can you share any tips to remain calm during volatility please ?
Your Fan
Jitender Yadav
New Delhi

vim said...

Dear sukhanisir,

I heard you today on ET that you have purchased Dec PUTs for NIFTY? Did not quite understand this trade ? I think, Mr. Nikunj asked something on time/value association but count get clue on reasoning behind this trade? Which exact PUT you have bought ie. 5400 or other? I am intending to replicate this trade and hence awaiting your response..

warm regards,
vimarsh p vasavada

vim said...

Dear sukhanisir,

I have shorted Titan @ 212.12 and suddenly it has risen to 221 level in JUN future..

Can you plz advise its level and overall view..i am confused by its volatility..should i stay as is or should follow SL (everytime it comes up/down after hitting the SL hits)

plz advise

Rushabh Shastri said...

Normally seasonal shopkeepers sell seasonal things during the season time period, If its a season of KITE sell kite and make money, IF its season of MANGO sell mangoes and make money, We traders also need to follow the same...if its MANDI do mandi....if its TEJI do teji...and make money..Truly said TREND IS OUR BEST FRIEND

bkmm said...

Hello Sudarshanji,
I am surprised that the trend is down, adv-dec is -ve , global trend is down and we did not fall. When global trend was up we were sliding down .... Now we are neutral with globally synchronised.
Since QE1,QE2 are over, economy is down ,which was pumped with liberal liquidity.
The next move should be down as you said.... 2250-6350 , retracement and you are the Master of charts , I've not heard on TV anyone's thoughts as sharp and clear as yours.
Though what you say is scarry , but that is market which behaves like that.
There are many analysts even now thinking that nifty would goto 5700-6000-6300 and also 6700.
Let's wait and watch...
Awaiting your thoughts regularly.


ankit said...

there is a gap in nifty chart around 5330 level so at level near 5550 can we go short with stoploss of 5630 level.

rajesh said...


I feel that govt. doing cheet on friday with investor. (1) Meeting of EGOM was at 1 pm on friday,but re-scheduled it at 7 pm. (2) They leeked the agenda of meeting that it will only to consider cut on duty's on petrolioum products and not to increase the rates.
This news was positive for markets and no correction come during whole day and NIFTY close approx. 3% up.

But realty was againest of this. They increase the rates of DIESAL, KAROCEENE and LPG.

I feel market will make new lows in comming future.

All insider's off load their holdings on friday and NIFTY will not touch 5475 in near and next month again.

AM I RIGHT ??????????

Rajesh Agarwal

Sunil said...

Sir I need your guidance, please.
When mkt broke 5200 level, I bought 2lots current month 5200 call. After mkt rallied past 5400, I sold off one lot 5200c and bought 5400c. For the other I bought 5400p. Y'day I sold 5200c and 5400p (1 lot each) and bought 5500c. Now I have 1 lot each of 5400c, 5500c.

Was my decision correct, or was there any better way to trade.



SaRe GaMa said...

Hello Mr. Sukhani,

I watch you sharing your views on the Indian Stock Markets on "ET NOW" daily. With all due respect to your such a long trading experience & knowledge, I, some time wonder: how do you declare one day that the Markets are heading towards 4000 level and the very next day, we claim that the Markets have resumed the rally...I mean...ONE DAY BEAR & ONE DAY BULL...!!! - R. Kumar

nawaz said...

Hi sudarshanji,

I wanted to know what kind of charts do u see for short term trade. Whether its the historical charts based on closing price of the day, or is it a combination of historical and intraday chart.

Rushabh Shastri said...

Sudarshanji, IFCI looks good at current level,,risk reward ratio looks quite favourable. If possible i always would like to contribute as your team member for your core BRAINSTORMING team. Would like to hear from you regarding this. as I am good fan of you