Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trading range again

The Nifty is back inside a trading range. The cycles of expansion and contraction are common to all trading instruments but the Nifty seems somewhat special. This index has a fairly regular process of range expansion which takes Nifty to a new price level. followed by many days of choppy market action.

Again. this cycle is repeating. A big expansion saw the Index move almost 280 points. after whi h we have the trading range Developing. This range seems to be 5500 - 5600. A move out of this range should seee big moves again.

Today. I am in Bhopal for an Et-now investor camp. Ic you live in the city. do come and meet. The event will also be broadcast live at 11 am.

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Srinivas said...

I did watch you on ET Now's investor camp and was great. Thanks to ET Now and the analysts like you to share your thoughts and educate the investors.