Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Intraday trade in Nifty

here is a Nifty futures chart (taken Live while the markets are open), which shows an excellent buy signal for a 30 point gain. A Buy comes in the TA-Insync at 5528. Exit is done when C9 gives a reversal signal.

What is TA-Insync? It is a momentum+trend indicator. The C9 is a reversal method which identifies the end of a trend.

The purpose of this chart is to explain how intraday trades can be taken. Remember, not all days are like this. But, there are enough such days.


vim said...

Dear Sukhani sir,

i followed your Nifty intraday call on ET and surprisingly for me entry/exit points were identical..fortunate to book profit and thanks...Which software do you use and recommend

warm regards,

Rushabh Shastri said...

sudarshanji, Its my personal view I may be wrong too, I have never believe in any PREARRANGED LOGICAL CHART SOFTWARE- the reason is simple if 90% of market participate use one single LOGIC CHART SOFTWARE ... all will be at a one side at a once..It means At one point stock may have buyer circuit or at one point floor circuit only...YOUR COMMENTS WELCOME

raman said...

Choosing any strategy is not the key thing but what matters is

PROFIT OR LOSS!!! which comes with time progression.

Avinash said...


thanks for your blog it has been helpful since I have started following this. I did not understand the C9 part of this post. Could you please explain. Also I am using Metastock and trade in option could you please suggest the best way to trade for intraday using metastock.