Friday, April 22, 2011

Higher time frames on Current Chart

Gulshan needs some help,
"If I am using 34 period wma on hourly bar then converting into 1 minute bar, periods becomes 2040 and again converting into 5 min bar then periods becomes 408. But when comparing hourly bar and 5 min bar on same time the wma gives different values. Why is it so?

My purpose is to see the value of wma on 5 min bar calculated on hourly bar."

My Notes:

I go by your numbers, which is that a 34 period wma on the hourly chart is equal to a 408 period on the 5 minute. When you plot the 408 period wma on a five minute chart, you should get the same flow of the moving average, which you get on the hourly. Which means, the direction, and, relationship to price should be the same. But, the values will be different. Remember, on the hourly, you are actually calculating the average using every 12th bar of the 5 minute chart. On the five minute, you are using all the bars. Therefore, values will be different. Yet, so far the view is the same, you should be accepting the differences in values.

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