Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eleven Themes for 2011

Richard bernstein gives this:

1. The US Dollar Continues to Appreciate

2. The US Outperforms Emerging Markets

3. Stocks Outperform Bonds

4. Gold Produces a Negative Return

5. Longer-Term Interest Rates Rise by More Than 150 Basis Points 

6. Energy and Materials Sectors Outperform

7. US Consumer Stocks Outperform EM Consumer Stocks

8. Small-Caps Continue to Dominate Large-Caps Around the World

9. Muni Bonds Outperform EM Non-Dollar Debt

10. Japan Outperforms China

11. The Euro Survives.  Europe Recovers


jagjit said...

Will you please do a Wave Count for Nifty from its lows. It may help us to be in the right direction.


Exactly - This is what i got from my market expert friends, that contrary to the popular bearish believes, market will register inflation driven bullish upward trend in developed markets during 2011. I have shared this information in my blog on 05-Dec-2010. link:

Interesting times ahead sir.