Friday, November 19, 2010

Trading is a Passion

Friday afternoon, I came home early to have lunch and watch the market from my home. While I was on the screen, in the next room my wife had switched on the TV where Rishi Kapoor and his son, Ranbir Kapoor were speaking at the HT leadership summit. I could hear their voice while watching the markets fall. Suddenly, I heard Rishi Kapoor speak out some remarkable thoughts. I am recollecting his words:

"My son Ranbir had decided to enter the film industry. He told his mother that he wanted to be in films. When I heard his wishes, I said that Ranbir should do a course related to the film business. There is no sense in making him do engineering or management in anticipation that if he fails as an actor, he can then become an engineer / manager. People enter the film business because films are their passion. If he fails as an actor, he may become an editor, a director, producer or even a spot boy, but he will remain in films. So, let him acquire the skills of films rather than study some other subject"

When I heards these words, I realized that we, traders are in trading because this is our passion. We may make money, may not make money, but we continue since this is what we enjoy doing most.

Reader thoughts are welcome.


bkm said...

Dear Sudarshanji,
Perfect Passion!
I have observed since my childhood days, every individual has passion for a particular art(subject) and they enjoy the subject so much that they read,discuss,write or indulge with the subject as long as they not tired physically.
I remember myself visiting relatives in 1992 (Harshad Mehta' era) , each and everyone talking on shares.I was zero on stock market,and wonder what would happen when you go for sell and don't find any buyer. It continued till 2006 august, when my friend introduced me to stock market.
And in this four years , I have learnt a lot by reading thro' net , Watching TVs, going thro' blogs etc.
I feel there are so many things interconnected like Dollar,Euro, Gold and sectors etc.
Of course I have been incurring losses/profits.

I would like to know from your esteemed knowledge/experience whether one can make decent sustained earnings in the market?
(Since I have not devoted my full time and feel risky leaving my regular work).
But while watching , studying , trading I feel I have passion about the market.
I am on a crossroad!!
Pl. Express your views.

Nirav said...

Truly agree with you Sir. What else one wants if his passion becomes his profession.

Rajib said...

Very well said Mr. Sudarshan. This is passion. As long as we stay passionate about it, small failures here and there will give path to large success in long run. Take Sachin Tendulkar, he means actually when he says he does not count his run. Take Amitabh Bachchhan, what's his need to do films that he is doing today? Many say it's not as per his standards, he can't help it much because those directors are no more there, but he continues. Because it's passion!


Thanks for the mention of this story here, for it is inspiring me no end now, to read, read and read more and more, if I have to be a serious day-trader also, for the rest of my life !
There has to be a methord in this madness. There has to be ...
[Thanks for instigating the inspiration].

gourv said...

Hello Sir,

You are perfectly right.People think that trader trade because of money.But We tarde because we love it.I can leave my job at any time if i find a job related to market even if i am offered less salary as compared to my current position.Presently I am working in TCS and doing good here.I am follwing market since 2007.For last many months I havent taken a singl trade but still keping trake as if I have a position in the market.I am not trading because of insufficient funds however guding my friends in trading the NIFTY and i becaome very happy when they make money in my suggestion even though I do not make a single penny in that.I would like to know how u came to trading profession..

shabsaif said...

You said “We may make money, may not make money, but we continue since this is what we enjoy doing most.” Its good if we make money and grow our money for future by trading, but major draw back in trading business if we lost money (or we not make money in particular time Months, years) which we earn from trading is very difficult to a normal person. Much more ability required for trading, like toughness (emotionally, financially etc). If some have passion in any work, he can make money (little or more) but they wouldn’t have to lost any money what they earned.

I am not a good writer and cant explain well, but we appreciate if you explain in details. Lot of from young generation have passion to become trader (they learn from internet, electronic media etc) but they don’t know what’s actually required and what may be the result, if they fail, because no chance here to become spot boy if not a actor.

kaps said...

Well said .That's true that everyone enters into trading to make money-fast but only passionate ones are left to make/loose money and live on that.I myself jumped from SW engg to trading full time some 3 yrs back.Yet to be a trader but still going!.Our Passion that we believe we have is rigorously tested and success is a long arduous lonely journey!!