Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stray Thoughts

The Powergrid IPO makes a lot of sense. Yes, we should apply for it.

A raging bull market is going on in Silver.  A little less, but significant enough, in Gold. Our TV channels keep on talking about stocks while the big money was being made in precious metals. If you have control over your trading, meaning you can exit if prices do not move your way, then Gold may have some upside left. I would avoid Silver for now.

ANAS asked "are volatile markets, profitable for traders, who go for writing an option?

(i assume them to be profitable, )

My Notes: Yes, traders who write an option, (meaning Sell an option) should do so after a large increase in volatility has occured. Volatility expansion is followed by contraction when the value of options will fall, quite sharply, sometimes.

ANAS asks another quesion on mobile enabled trading. "NSEINDIA & BSEINDIA both have launched MOBILE TRADING FACILITY. With that, we can access to our trading terminal, directly from our highend, GPRS enabled mobile handsets. (with direct streaming rates, net position, multiple market watch etc. )"

My Notes: I think this is downright silly. Any trader who is so involved in day trading will probably have a laptop with a portable internet connection. Why should he use a small screen mobile? And, those who are not professional traders will simply get caught in this trading by mobile craziness. Keep trading simple. If you are moving about, you can as well avoid trading on that day.

Keep a Watch on VIX. A low VIX is a sign of compalcency. India Vix is quite low. Therefore, follow the up move, but have a clear exit plan.


rocky said...


Sir you have given thumbsup to powergrid FPO, a stock has been in a very tight trading range for many years. It would be more helpful if you can elobarate on it.


ANAS said...

Respected Sir, it me again..

thank you, for sparing your precious time, and correcting me on my views..

Hope to hear from you soon.

Anas Elias Batla.