Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silver exuberance

I will be on Bloomberg-Utv on Friday, Oct 8, at 3 PM. Do check in if you can.

Just a few days ago, I mentioned a bull market going on in Gold, and, Silver. In the past 3 days, Silver has moved up dramatically, almost becoming a bubble. Today, the metal opened with a gap on the MCX, then went on to touch 34800. Just 3 days ago on Oct 4, it was at 33000. To me, today's gap up and the price level seemed like a blowout. I have been long in Silver. It was really a positional trade, but today's price action and the really absurd price told me to sell and exit. Which I did. I am giving below the 60 minute chart for MCX Silver (courtesy: Trend Analyser, . Note the consolidation around 33000, then the breakout, the multiple long range bars and today's gap up. Readers analysis and comments are welcome.


trader said...

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Pi said...

awesome... for those who dont follow those markets closely.. after sudarshan ji's post silver has fallen more.. a lot lot more..

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