Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ms Rousseff -the world's most powerful woman

Ms Rousseff, the daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant to Brazil and his schoolteacher wife, is likely to be elected president of Brazil on an election to be held on Sunday (today). She has benefited from being, in effect, the prime minister of the immensely popular President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former union leader. But, with a record of determination and success (which includes appearing to have conquered lymphatic cancer), this wife, mother and grandmother will be her own woman.

Brazil has a population of 200 million, is enjoying prosperity thanks to vast natural resources and wise political leadership. Brazil's growth rate rivals China's. The Govt has ensured  social justice meaning that the poor have been helped to move up.

My Notes: This news has a lot to do with trading. First, it opens our minds to a world beyond trading calls. Then, the news of a woman taking this high position takes the world to a more equal society - equal respect for men and women. To take this further, for men, when our mind is prepared to accept leadership by women, we become ready to accept change. We can adapt from a bearish stance to a bullish stance without much difficulty or vice versa. This means we can accept change without resisting it.

Off Topic: We Indians are filled with self praise. But, All emerging markets are doing well. Many of the countries are actually performing better than us (in terms of growth and social justice indicators) . Yet, our TV is filled with 'India growth stories' without comparing us to others, without checking if this growth is benefitting the 1.2 billion people.


Ravi said...

Very well said Mr.Sudarshan. We seem to be very far away from such a picture and in-fact we seem to have shunned reality itself in this country.
The state of the female bill in this country is no mystery neither is the state of the female population and female empowerment, let alone the poor populous.
Sri Lanka with a population of barely 20mn has outperformed India by miles and let's not forget that they were in a civil war situation until recently... Jakarta, Philippines & Russia are some of the other few markets that have outperformed us consistently over the last 2 years. But we love to harp about ourselves 24/7.
I have friends in Jakarta and Colombo who can trade peacefully from their homes while we worry about power supply, water, internet connections & a host of god knows what... keeping in mind that both of the countries have been through civil strife until recently... I guess we can safely say that we have a long way to go.

Anyway I totally agree with you on this one. Good for Brazil!

Ravi Chandra.

Aurobindo said...

There is nothing as complex as India.Its very hard to lead and manage the growth in a country which is so diverse in culture, language, religion, caste.Every person judges the other person based on his caste, language, state and what not. Ours is most racist country in the world.But so far whatever we achieved is amazing, we stood as one nation without any civil war for last 60 years, democracy is deeply rooted, middle class had no hopes in 80s and 90s are prospering and are very optimistic of future. Now people are no more constrained to work 8 hours a day without any interest in job. There is definitely a change in momentum, since ours is a democratic country it will be a very slow and steady growth. Jakarta , srilanka, russia cannot be compared to india. Russia and china are communist nations its easy to maintain growth but that growth is totally dependent on the leadership and people cant dictate anything. Small nations like srilanka cannot be compared to India.
India's GDP 1.6 trillion
Srilanka GDP 6 Billion

So Srilanka is more like a small cap company it can achive 30% rise in a day but india is like a reliance you cant expect it move at that pace. Our country is huge and the problems we face are very complex drought,naxalism, separatism, 70% of the oil is imported we are not rich in resources like brazil or russia. But we have a great potential, world is aging our country is becoming younger. Youth are very confident and optimistic they are not like our parents who had lost hopes on India, now I see people taking risk to achieve in what they believe. There are lot challenges ahead for India but world has recognized the potential in India. Now we see countries consider the opinion of india. We are lucky to be born in this era. Doordarshan to Tatasky ..WOW...what a journey!!!.

Ravi said...

If a mid cap is so small... how does Srilanka do more tourism than India does. 6bn for 20mn people and 1.6tn for 1bn people! That's an economy just 5 times larger with a population that is 50 times larger in comparision to Srilanka. So technically we're under-performing Srilanka by at-least 10 times. Doordarshan to Tatasky! That's not a journey it's a shove from above!
India provides for 25% of it's own oil demand... and we could do a lot more in terms of using renewable energy... we have some of the richest reserves of Titanium (last I heard it was much more expensive than Gold and Oil), Coal, Iron-Ore, Thorium... it's not really the lack of resources but the red tape around it is used no less resourcefully. India also has the largest amount of arable land in the world and has the largest population in the world working to produce agri products. And being a democracy is not a slowdown it's a large step forward, that should be helping us move forward as we make less mistakes every time. Divisional-ism is a way of life here and we'd rather fall divided than rise united, just look at our Kaph panchayats... need we say more. We better pull up our socks and work hard, smart and together... excuses and false hopes are definitely not going to get us anywhere.