Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your help needed for a survey

Premanand Risbud, a young Technical Analyst is currently doing his Masters in the UK. He is a member of the Association of technical Analysts, India (

He is doing a survey as part of his Degree. Please help him by participating in it. His email is given below:

Hello, I am Premanand Risbud, a member of ATA. For my research project, I need you little help.

Please see below the online survey link. I am doing this survey for my research project of MBA. There are only 10 questions to answer & the whole process will take less than 5 mins.

You need not participate if you don't wish to. Also if you wish to exit in between, please click 'Exit Survey' at the top right corner.
You can take part in survey multiple times. The survey will close on 15/08/2010. Please reply to it as it will help me in my research work.

Click here to start the survey

Thank you
West Midlands, UK.



pranav said...

Dear Sir,
could you request Premanand to publish the result of his survey, so that all of us could be benefited.

Thanks and regards,

raj said...

respected sir,
my this question is related to breakouts,please guide me on how to identify failed breakout before we caught into them like s&p


Krishna said...

Dear Sir
What is the problem with RIL ??

Even after having such a good cash reserve , company stock is not able to perform.

What can be the reason ??

It is creating panic in the mind because if RIL by any chances cracks then what will happen to Nifty !!


Deepti said...

Hi Sir,

i wanted some clarification on the wedges, penants/ Flags and triangle pattern. I am a bit confused while looking for them on the charts.

For these patterns do the upper and the lower converging trendlines have to start at the same point or can they be off by a few days. Like in case of nifty right now, there is a rising wedge, which starts at 5377 on 21st June, which again got tested on 14th July & 23 July. Similarily the lower trendline starts to take shape on the 6th July which got tested on 30th July again. So in this case there is a difference of 10 trading days between the start of the upper trendline and the lower trendline. In this case will it qualify as a wedge pattern or is it nothing.

Moreover, out of all these patterns which ones are the most reliable.


nagu said...

sir, if a stock is in f n o curb does the stock will fall or rise,please advise,rgds,nagu.