Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which is your favorite?

This post comes from men's comments:
Is cnbc the leader? may be on the TRP, but not otherwise. For Ta NDTV is far ahead and also Ashudutt of ETNOW is also doing a good job in educating the investors. Yes Cnbc has marketed their channel well but it is far from reliable.

CNBC= Cannot Be Correct, sorry if I have had a different view
So, on the right column I have a poll for you to respond to: Which business channel do you watch most? I am not asking for your favorite. I am requesting you to identify the channel which you spend the maximum time on. Please do respond.


rajv malik said...

namaskar sukhani ji,

i feel cnbc is the most viewed. udayan and his team is an addiction with so many of us.

but yes cnbc should be more responsible. all the calls given by the analysts especially at the closing bell should be analysed during the next day and those analysts who are found to be wrong mostly should be exposed. why calls are just given and no analysis is done of their success or failure on the next day. the analysis should also be done as prominently as the call.

well this is done in case of the shares which sometimes analysts suggest for intraday. similarly closing bell calls should be discussed the next day.

i wonder if you can convey this to cnbc. will increase their credibility.

warm regards

Sunil Malhotra said...

CNBC TV18's Udayan is an addiction as he presents show and markets very well. He is quite knowledgeable and it's always educative to hear him. But Zee Business is also good and they have an Urdu style, which is also interesting. CNBC Awaaz & BloombergUTV may be 3rd/4th
My cable guy does not show ET now, so i dont have idea about it, but I feel it must be good as it is linked to Economic Times Newspaper

cooldent said...

Udayan all the way!!!

Rajeev Guglani said...

CNBC, when it says Buy just Sell and when it says Sell Just buy. You will be amazed by the results. No Technical Analysis Required

nikhil said...

on mute, they all look the same..
its just that some have prettier women than others..

but the fact remains that the figures of scrips, remain very much the same..