Friday, August 6, 2010

Marketing Tricks for selling (anything?)

From Michael Kahn’s blog, Behind the Headlines:

Here’s a marketing trick from a bucket shop. Send out 10,000 mailings – 5000 say buy stock X and 5000 say sell stock X. Let’s say X goes up.
Now take the list of 5000 mailings that said to buy and send 2500 with a buy on stock Y and 2500 with a sell on stock Y. Let’s say stock Y goes up, too.
Now take the 2500 winner names and send 1250 buys on stock Z and 1250 sells on stock Z. Let’s say Z goes down.
You now have a list of 1250 people who think you are a genius with 3 picks in a row. Rake in the subscription money and let reality begin. Who cares? You just sold 1250 subscriptions to people who won’t renew. Say $250 for an annual subscription times 1250 people and you made $300 grand. What if you started with a list of 100,000 names. Now you are making some serious coin.
This is the land of crushed hope and dreams that Wall Street has become. Honest purveyors of financial advice are swamped by the crooks. A good bear market thrashing is necessary to “drain the swamp” as Nancy Pelosi likes to say.

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greenwich said...

Sounds good!! But there is problem and a big one. If in case any few people of the inverse lot know each other and discuss about the opposite calls given, especially after subscription, they will not spare the person who is giving calls. Such people, victims if I may call them so, may take legal, media or any method to set the call provider straight. Also, there is problem of getting database of 10K people who trade in market and are unique to each other. Then after 7-8 trades there will be very few no. of people remaining in the 100% success ratio %age, which will ultimately diminish.