Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buying at current price

Greetings on Independence Day

Is ' buy it and forget it ' possible?

If we assume that we will see higher stock prices over the next 5 years, then it is possible to buy stocks now, and, ignore the inevitable dips or corrections.

I do assume that we will see higher prices after 5 years.

This post is in response to rajv malik who wrote: "happy independence day to you and all blogmates !

on this independence day can you suggest a list of five stocks which one can buy at any price and then sleep over them forever."

Well, I am not sure about 'any price' and 'forever'. There is a time to buy a stock and a time to sell it. So, I will rephrase this request and try to identify stocks which we can buy now and hold for a few years.

At least one of them follows (I have positions in it):

Canara Bank

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rajv malik said...

thanks sukhani ji for this independence day gift to the blog readers. that is canara bank. will keenly look forward to some more stock picks of yours in the days to come.

warm regards
rajiv malik