Saturday, August 21, 2010

Business TV channels face choppy markets with dismay

There are six business TV channels in the country - CNBC TV18 which is the acknowledged leader, Awaaz, UTV Bloomberg, ET Now, NDTV Profit and Zee Business. The channels are worried about retail investors turining away from the markets due to the choppy conditions prevailing.


Rishi said...

does this mean market is being manipulated/driven up and held in a range by a few operators and not by fundamentals

Saurabh said...


There has been a mass exodus of the retail investor from the US mutual funds.

The reports from India are no better.

The FII's just keep buying and buying :-) I wonder if they expect the Indian companies to come up with stupendous results down the line.

If there is a second dip coming in the U.S ( extremely high chances of that happening ) will the Indian companies be completely insulated from all this ??? Already the tech sector is seeing value erosion in the U.S , the biggest market for IT companies.

Something is not adding up here....

But to make money, yes, we can keep buying the dips and pretend that ALL IS WELL, when it itsn't :-)



men said...

Dear Mr. Sudarshan,
Is cnbc the leader? may be on the TRP, but not otherwise. For Ta NDTV is far ahead and also Ashudutt of ETNOW is also doing a good job in educating the investors. Yes Cnbc has marketed their channel well but it is far from reliable.
CNBC= Cannot Be Correct, sorry if I have had a different view.