Friday, August 6, 2010

The Best Investment

Behind the Headlines says:

I truly believe that the best investment these days is in yourself - education, your own business, etc..

My Notes:
These lines are probably worth their weight in Gold. In these uncertain times, improving ourselves through education, our business through investment in time, energy, money is probably a better idea than the next hot tip in shares.
Keeping with this spirit of learning, I am keen to begin a series of simulated and live learning programs for traders.


Shazia said...

Hello sir,
I am keenly awaiting for your series of the learning programs..
it is very nice of you to share your knowledge here!!

Nitin Gupta said...

I would like to learn on a simulated level definately because i believe experience sharing can benefit a lot

cooldent said...

Waiting for it sir

mbansalicy said...

i waiting for that is a once in while a opportunity for us.

Deepti said...

So True..

but i am still awaiting the clarification on my last question on the wedge, flag pattern etc. Everywhere i have read it mentions that the volume should reduce during the formation, the break should be supported by volume, but nowhere i found if the upper and lower converging lines have to start at the around the same time or if they can be off by some days.. for eg. 10 Days, 15 Days.

"Hi Sir,

i wanted some clarification on the wedges, penants/ Flags and triangle pattern. I am a bit confused while looking for them on the charts.

For these patterns do the upper and the lower converging trendlines have to start at the same point or can they be off by a few days. Like in case of nifty right now, there is a rising wedge, which starts at 5377 on 21st June, which again got tested on 14th July & 23 July. Similarily the lower trendline starts to take shape on the 6th July which got tested on 30th July again. So in this case there is a difference of 10 trading days between the start of the upper trendline and the lower trendline. In this case will it qualify as a wedge pattern or is it nothing.

Moreover, out of all these patterns which ones are the most reliable."

men said...

Yea dil mange more, thanks for your efforts.

gourv said...

Hello Sir,

Thanks a lot for guiding.Looking forward to live learning programs.


TOOCOOL7610 said...


i have a question regarding joining ata i live in ncr and i want to join ata but if could not attend ata meetings will i get webinars of those meetings like other outstation members???