Monday, July 12, 2010

Time to buy the Dollar

Currency futures are available on the NSE as well as on the MCX. Is it time to buy the dollar. If the dollar index moves up, we might see a rally in the dollar.

Find out what analysts see in the dollar index and the reason why they think a potential rally may be in the foreseeable future. Click on the link below:

Is it time for the dollar index to rally?

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bkm said...

The Market club's analysis of all the graphs/charts have very good reasoning behind the trend prediction.
For the current one where dollar index has traversed from 80 to 88, the same period when equity market dropped and at 88 while the dollar index has fallen back to 84 , the period where equity market has gone up.
So based on above a conclusion be arrived at that if dollar index has to go up , we can infer the equity Market has to start the slide down. Also since last couple of days the volume in the equity market is dropping down.
Can we see the fall in the market starting from today, since we also made a another top by nearing 5400??