Friday, July 9, 2010

Nifty - line chart


keshav said...

yes yes i know flag
i m waiting flag breakout from last 7 days but till not get.

i hope we see upside breakout .

Anshul Agarwal said...

Sudarshan sir if u see carefully an inverse heads and shoulders is also visible on this chart witha pattern arget of 6000 above 5400.Am i right?

Neeraj said...

Hello Mr. Sudarshan,

I have a question, you may have discussed this in your earlier posts, but will appreciate if you throw some light on this one.

Assuming we see a very bullish pattern on Nifty for example the current flag, but we do not see an equally strong pattern on reliance or lets say we see a bearish pattern on reliance then can we believe in the any of the patterns.

I am asking this question in the context that Nifty shows a flag or may indeed show an inverted H&S, but we do not see a similar pattern on dow or ftse. In such a scenario what will say about the pattern on NIFTY.

Please also appreaciate that I am only comaparing indices or stks/indices which are closely correlated.


Gaurav Verma said...

Hello Sir,

Thanks a lot for helping us in catching up the realty of stock market world.

I have one quick question,You suggested to buy HPCL from the Oil marketing companies few days back on TV and not IOC or any other marketing company .Can you please tell the reason for selecting only this company as most of them were close or just crossed there life time highs at that time.

Thanks for your valuable education.

Jazz said...

who knows if itsa flag or at 5400 a double top. I know only one thing mkt is random. There is a breakout. Take long with fixed fraction money management rule....

Ravin said...

Sir ,Today i enjoy your spech on CNBC awaj Money Yatra,Best wishes