Sunday, July 4, 2010

Market Breadth

Ashvin asks:
"do u use volume&market sentiment indicators like trin,a/d line etc.. in u r trading stratergy.

if no then why?
if yes which indicator and why?"

My Notes: Interesting question. I will bypass the question about my trading strategy. Instead, I am discussing the use of breadth indicators in my market analysis. I use two indicators - the Mclellan Oscillator and a proprietory indicator. The Mclellan Osc is well respected in the TA universe. You can google and get lot of information on it.
Here is a bit of advertising. Trend Analyzer, the newest technical anlaysis software from has an amazing list of options for traders which are actually (a) easy to use, and, (b) usable in trading. The following chart for Mclellan osc was created with data & tools available in Trend Analyzer.

Intermediate Trend change signals come on two counts: (a) Divergences and (b) crossings of thr zero line. At A, the Osc crossed frm below to above, giving a bullish signal. At B & C, it found support at zero suggesting sn ongoing uptrend. At D, currently, we do not know what the osc will do, find support or cross to the downside. We will find out soon enough. Earlier, we have seen a divergemce between prices and the osc which suggested that the upmove was over at least in the short term.


Dinesh Rishi said...

Sir lines for divergence should start and end at same point on indicator and price? This question because line drawn at indicator is bigger

Laxman said...

Dear Sukhani

I have been trading in naked options last one year but i burnt my fingures largely. I have full understanding of the option basics. Now i am in fully confusion. please tell me in your opinion is it advisable to trade in options??