Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Technical Analysis Guide

EWI's brand-new 50-page eBook, The Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook, will show you the various methods of technical analysis they use every day and teach you how to use these powerful tools for yourself.

If you're a technician, this eBook is perfect for you.

Learn more about this free eBook, and download your copy here.

Chapters include:

1. How the Wave Principle Improves Your Trading

2. How to Confirm You Have the Right Wave Count
3. How to Integrate Technical Indicators into an Elliott Wave Count
4. Application of the Fibonacci Sequence and Tools
5. How to Apply Fibonacci to Real-World Trading
6. How to Draw and Use Trendlines (simple but effective)
7. Time Divergences
8. Head and Shoulders – An Old-School Approach
9. Four Kinds of Protective Stops

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