Friday, June 11, 2010

Battle between Bulls and Bears

The battle between the Bulls and Bears continues with very choppy trading action. The rally from a potential double bottom is cause for concern for the Bears, however the Bulls are in a similar situation as they have to prove their case with sustained market action.

Learning is 90% of trading. Have a look at the video to pick up new ideas. (opens in new window)

Battle between Bulls and Bears

Practice is learning. Doing the same setups many times makes us better.


sahil said...

Nifty trading is useless these days, it opens big gaps up or down. And u cant take overnight position bcz then next day move is decided by american mkts. Nifty looks strong n resisting to go down in line with world specially USA. But going long is risky as DOW is weak. So confusing situtaion. I would rather trade non index stocks, which doesnt seem to care where is NIFTY or world markets trading, they move on their own charts which is much safer

gourv said...

Hello Sir,

I(hope every1 who reads your blog)would like to know about you.Like where u studied.How u come to trading field.Did u work in some other filed.Hope u wont mind sharing few personal thing like u r back ground..