Monday, May 17, 2010

Tracking the Analysts

An American blog suggested that TV Channels should keep a record of Analyst suggestions. This will give some legitimacy to guests who come on TV, as well as provide a method for the viewers to review the advice given to them.

I liked this idea. We must be as transparent as possible. So, in my own modest way, I have started today, tracking what I am saying on TV. In this blog, in the left hand column, There is a link to Track Record, within the My Blog List section.

The problem is: It will take some extra time to sumamrise the talk, and, then to write it.

If viewers have any suggestions, please do write. I have one request. Whenever you feel like, please do write a brief summary of my interview, which I can then publish.


"ToT-Amit" said...

Sudarshan ji,

I am a big time fan of your analysis.

does your appearence on cnbc is fix by day?? asking this because I only listen to cnbc when you are there... and I do not want to miss any of your appearence.

your simple levels and simple logics/analysis makes you different from other analysts who change their views in couple of hours.

I appreciate your initiative of tracking record of your TV appearence.. every analyst should do this.

Thanks for evertyhing.

Ashish said...

CNBC puts a transcript of all your(each analyst's) talk on their website moneycontrol. It would be easy to just pick them up from there and paste, no?

Mind Without Fear said...


I have been always impressed with your willingness to be subjected to public scrutiny and this post is another example of that. My regards for you remains at the same level as it cannot go any higher.


Vijay Bhasker Reddy CH said...

I appreciate your initiation towards transparency, regarding interview summary you can just search in that itself tracks your interviews!