Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bamgalore meeting was a joy

I have just returned from Bangalore after attending the CNBC Investors camp in the morning. The meeting was truly a joy - a responsive , understanding audience is the best gift possible for the speakers and the Bangalore participants had these attributes.

I met a number of people who read and comment on this blog: It was a pleasure meeting you.

There are comments which need to be replied to. I will try today, otherwise tomorrow.

Much more important to think about are the changes planned for market trading hours in the NSE. SEBI has given approval for market timings to be between 9 AM and 5 PM. If NSE were to actual implement these timings, traders will have a 12 hour workday. No purpose will be served by extended working hours. Traders will get burned out. The work day will have to start at 8 AM, and end at 6 PM. Where is the time for analysis and contemplation?


Prashanth Rajendra said...

It was a pleasure and honour to hear you speak. I'm amazed at the relevance of your topic to the current market conditions. However simple it may seem that "the trend is to go long in the current bull market" and "to restrain taking short positions during corrections" that you have spoken about today.... it is the most valuable piece of information in this investor camp. Thanks, Sudarshan, for sharing your wisdom with Bangalore

CHANDU said...

What left to speak about Sukhani Ji.

He is really such an amazing personality and truly down to earth.
What a fan following he got in bangalore.Out of other speakers he is the star.

When i asked him will nifty drift to X number.He said that is not the right method to do trading by keeping X or Y in mind,Nifty may come till W and move up.What i understand is go with the trend until u stopped out or trend gives reversal.So Iam short from 5100 levels and i will hold it till i stopped out or until it bottom out for time.

Sir please correct me if iam wrong

It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for visiting bangalore.God bless u.

Best regards

Manish.T said...

If they do extend the trading hours to 5 pm, I sincerely hope there is a lunch break in between, otherwise it will be serious problem. (At least for me!!)

Saurabh said...

Respected Sukhani Sahab,

If they do extend the trading hours, would you recommend switching from a 5 minute chart to a 15 minute chart, for trading purposes ?



KC said...

Extending the trading hours leads to less Gaps when the markets open.This will allow traders to hedge