Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The Association of Techncal Analysts, India has launched its certification program for new and practising analysts. You can read about it Here.

The process for obtaining the certification is easy:
1. Become a member of ATA. It is a non-profit body.
2. Register for the exams.
3. Appear for the Level1 and then the Level2 exams. These will be held in Nov/Dec and May/June.
4. Pass the exams, become a CERTIFIED TECHNICAL ANALYST - CeTA

The ATA continues to offer a similar program given by IFTA. Our local certification is of similar standards, hopefully higher. I strongly suggest participation in this program.


suseem said...

pls tell me if the level 1 exam will b conducted in may/june or will it b level 2?

Krishna said...

Sir it would be great if you could help regarding the preparation.Also kindly let us know about the classes/training at delhi..will it be conducted by you??Eager to learn from you..

AnandSachs said...

Sir Please let me know if I would be able to take CMT examination if I become member of ATA rather any other international society.

Thanks And Regards