Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do not write a Book!

Men and women of letters, be warned. Do not write a book. Shed all pretensions of being an author!
The BJP has expelled Mr Jaswant Singh for writing a book on MA Jinnah. The book was against the core values of the BJP, says its spokeperson.
What are the core values? Here is a list:
1. Elections are horrible. All elected persons are nominated. Those who were actually elected (lIke Vasundhara Raje) must be removed because they enjoy majority support in the party.
2. There is responsibility without accountability. If the President and the LOP lose elections, that is fine. No reason to take blame.
3. Nature's law of old order giving way to the new, does not apply to the leadership. RNS is quoted in the Times of India as saying "Why 5 years, why not 50 or 100 years"? This was in response to a question if LKA will remain LOP for 5 years. So the succession in the BJP is settled, LKA as LOP for next 100 years.

I feel betrayed. Having given unstinted support to the BJP since my voting age, I find that these people have feet of clay, probably worse than the Congress leaders. Is it so difficult to be just and honest?

To paraphrase a saying "Hell hath no fury than the faithful scorned".


CHANDU said...

I respect your thoughts.

As i mentioned earlier we are heading to 5300 on nifty.Finally breakout and nightmare for shorters.I couldnt come to investor camp.I will make it nxt time.

Warm regards

ashwany said...

Even I am feeling betrayed. - Ashwany

r m said...

Dear Sudershan Ji,

I am also a supporter of BJP and have been amazed at the suicidal behaviour of the party since last few years. But the party has got a good lineup of next generation leaders and hopefully the inter-party democracy will be restored after Rajnath Singh makes his exit (the sooner he goes or is thrown out the better it is for the party.)

Ilango said...


That is very well said and an honest observation.

Power corrupts and how so..even before attaining it here. This is the state of affairs when they are in opposition..Scary to imagine what would happen when they come to power.

Power without integrity will lead to only destruction.

Admire your courage of conviction.

ramdas said...

you have exactly expressed my feelings as supports are with mr. Jaswant n do not lose hope sudarsanji. I n YOU are as much part of bjp as LKA n RJS are.LKA SHOULD resign immediately n proceed to Badrika for penance.RJS SIMPLY WORTHLESS, DOES NOT DESERVE 2 B PRES. OF BJP. RAMDAS

niftylimits said...

Admire your honesty

G.S.Dhillon said...

Im reading this post today, but i was thinking what would b the reaction of Mr sudarshan when i was watching news channels bcz i knew u r BJP supporter. Today Im Reading all older posts n got this 1. Anyway as the chetan bhagat said in his article today in a newspaper who cars whether Jinnah was secular or not, this should not b any issue. We should evalute politicians on basis of that what do they think abt Future of india not past of india. We elect them to make our future better, so their ideas abt future r worth to consider not abt past. And BJP showed jis party k ander apne vichar express karne ki azadi nahi, woh ek democratic country ko kya khaak chalaeygi