Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strong Momentum

The Nifty has seen five days of back to back gains. This is NOT a bear rally. The gains are in line with what most world markets are doing. We are in an uptrend, and momentum is in the side of bulls.

Now, in an upmove, there will be pockets of resistance as well as correction (as in a down move). The first resistance comes at 4500 where the Nifty was standing yesterday. Then we have resistance in the 4700 - 4760 zone. A close above 4760 will tell us that a long term head and shoulder pattern is getting confirmed, promising prices we can only imagine. All of this is just probbaility and may not come about. That's a different issue.

My approach is to assume we are in a strong momentum driven market moving up. Buying should normally be done only on dips. I do think that patience rewards the trader. Dips will always come. Identify your trading time frame, then buy on these small moves against the main trend. Have Fun!


LIC Agent Noida said...

Hi Sir,

Waiting for your comments from last five days.. nice to hear from you.. i have seen the last one year chart on google finance and it seems like a bulish head and shoulder breakout.. in this how can we make more money in options with less risk.

Mohit Singhal

ART OF TRADE said...

Dear Sukhani Sir,

Yes, if nifty crosses and sustains above4750 level then there would be a huge target for nifty like 6900-7000. When i observed nifty weekly chart there is also bullish H & S pattern emerges above 4590 level. Your comment on my observetaionapreciated.


Madhu hedge.

ART OF TRADE said...

Dear Sir..

Punjlloyd bullish above Rs.235? Since it has made double bottom kind of formation gives target of Rs.290+

Madhu Hegde,

Junaid said...

hello sir, today i think we got a bearish candle on the charts (dark cloud cover).Looking at the historical charts, i found that after the formation of that type of candle, we either drift down or tend to remain in a range. A few times, we have rallied some what around 200-250 points before consolidating. But the candle formed today looks very much similar to the candle formed on 11th-June, after which we drifted down to somewhat around 4200 levels, (400 points fall). Candles seem to be resembling in many ways. Percentage of fall, length of head, tails, etc.
Now i know that its not only the candle mania which matters. But that conditions seem to have been met. Before 11th-June, we almost had same kind of an rally, momentum driven Global markets. but then we cooled off..
Do u think that, this time around, we may have the same situation arising. Kindly comment..
Lastly, as u say, its probability, nothing else. Markets may or may not do what we predict them to do.


Less posts but good content.Standing with us every day.

This rally from 3919 levels started silently but super fast.As u said One need guts to buy the coming dip.We will see what will happen this time.

But this time 3200 or 5200 we will see any one Number on charts in coming days.


niftylimits said...

My take is - Market is unlikely to close above 4550 and very unlikely to clear 4700 - Bpathak