Monday, June 8, 2009

Intra day trading on June 8, Monday

Junaid asks:

"can u plz share about how you traded todays 150+ fall. What type of signals u traded with. That would really help in understanding about how do our mentor take short positions in Intraday falling market...? "

My Notes:

Currently, we are trading three intraday systems for Nifty futures. A system is a disciplined method of trading. Buy and sell rules are predefined, based on backtesting. All systems will close their positions by 3:30 PM. System logic includes an entry rule, a stop loss, a trailing stop, an exit rule - some or all of these rules will be active.

Today, two systems gave short signals around 10:30. Both systems went short around 4565 - nifty futures. The systems have tight stop losses. Now what follows is luck, or rather the benefits of probability. Almost immediately, futures fell by 15 points. Then, there were many attempts to rally, but prices did not cross 4570, and stops losses were not triggered.

The third system went short a bit late, around 4545. This was a trading zone. The result was that the system was pushed about inside the zone, resulting in many whipsaws.

I am giving below the trades taken by the three systems today. These are actual trades. Our trading desk as well as clients have taken these trades.

My point is: we follow our discipline. It is a matter of chance that two out of three systems were in sync with the market today. Sometimes all three or four go out of sync, sometimes all work well. We make money because we remain consistent, therefore allowing the laws of probability to work for us. The numbers on the right are the gain/loss for trading 100 Nifty futures. Note what system A14 did (this is the best performing system, but doesnt look like that today!)


Ashish said...

Dear Mr. Sudarshan,

Thanks for the insights. I would greatly appreciate if you could share some insights about gold/silver. Any idea on when to buy gold from a 1 year perspective. If you can, please let me know a good entry price or entry time to buy gold/silver for a 1 year perspective and that too for with regards to India rupee.


Anonymous said...

have you experienced days when nifty futures moves in a very narrow intraday range (say less then .5% ) for a series of days/weeks... are such times possible and profitable to trade ?

CHANDU said...

Great systems Sudarshan ji,but i cant afford to join u,Other wise who will loose the opportunity to follow u.All the best to ur Trading steps.

Yesterday as u mentioned."Join an established trader who uses TA for his trading. Be a trainee and learn the tactics of trading."

Can i join u.Do offer something online sir,Its my request.

Warm Regards

Junaid said...

Thankyou Sir for sharing your trades. Really appreciate. Actually, it was yesterday that i played with very tight stops and got stopped out in most of my trades. In falling or surging Intraday markets (trending markets), i usually trade using only support and resistance levels. Technical indicators like CCI, RSI confuse me a lot in trending markets, although they have proven to be helpful in range bound Intraday markets. Using S/R levels, i had done very well in the past. But yestrday seemd to be a different story. Pondering onto my trades in the late night, i concluded that problm lied with my stops. I played with more tight stops and that didn't favour. Playing with somewhat loose stops could have favoured, but again that would have increasd my risk. So, i got confused. But aftr reading ur trades, i feel sure that i was fully disciplined, only the day was not mine. Anyways, thanx for clearing my doubts.

Hey readers, how did u trade that 150+ fall. Plz share...

Rajesh said...

Dear Sir, I am an ardent follower of your preachings. You really have a big heart to disclose all your intraday trades. Asking for details of the trading system itself will be too much spoon feeding. My query is how you trade 2-3 systems at the same time. Do you use different demat accounts for different systems. If using a single account and 1 system gives sell and other gives buy then that buy becomes square off for first system.... Do keep up the good work.. Thanks

gurvi said...

Hello Sudarshan ji,
I'm ardent fan of yours but today I got disappointed when I heard your comments in CNBC.
You said : Sell your stock when market reaches resistance zone of 4500...
All these days you've been saying about "Buying on dips" and after hearing your comments I got little baffled.


Sigamani said...

Sir, I don't know much about your system and just writing this after seeing the performance table you had listed here. If i am wrong correct me!

For most of the systems the exit rule is like square off at 3:30. Is that correct or the system do have some target in the form of stop loss like trailing one only?

If that is the case, then can we square off the trade whenever we feel like we got some money or wait till the end of the day or trailing stop loss?

Vipin said...

Dear Sir,

Today on CNBC u suggested any rise till 4450 should be used to short nifty and not go long.. we went to 4480 and then dropped till 4430 and then never came down till 4550..

I am assuming u also went short around 4450 and my question is how did u cover ur short position or how did u figured out when to close your position with a small loss..

Best Regards

Jatin Soni said...

hello sudarshanji,
kindly tell which backtesting application you are using ?