Monday, May 18, 2009

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The Joy of 2009 results - end of caste

As a BJP supporter, the sheer joy of seeing the Left, Mr Lalu Yadav, Mr Paswan and Mr Amar Singh, cut down to size overwhelms the little sorrows of the BJP performing slightly poorly.

The BJP caught the imagination of the country, thanks to Mr Vajpayee. His pan indian image helped the BJP capture power in 1998, then 1999. If and when the BJP throws up such leaders again, and, the time is favorable, the party will bounce back again. Why worry?

It seems fair to say that the time of the communists is gone. In India, the last five years of TV news was dominated by Mr Yechuri, Mr Bardhan, Mr Lalu Prasad and Mr Amar Singh. The people have given thumbs down to all of these gentlemen. This is the best news we have had for a long time. This event probably marks the demise of the communists, caste based poltics, and, the caste based parties. This is good news for the country.


Lakshmi Ramachandran said...

yes indeed it is bigger news than the majority won by the congress. Shows that the Indian public have matured and given the politicians the message "DONT MESS WITH US"

men said...

Sorry i don't agree, here in Bangalore we have had the wrost days when both the parties were in power. I stay near THE old Airport, and I can tell you, within in 1Km of my house you WOULD HAVE LITERALLY SEEN CRATERS ON THE GROUND, and we call ourself the IT Capital of India, power cuts here are some times at 12 hrs NON STOP. The less you talk about people who are in power (all relatives Friends INCLUDED) the better it will be. HOPE I AM GETTING ACROSS WHAT I WANNA SAY.