Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day Trading Strategies for Monday

A futures trading strategy can easily include big news event as one of the methods of trading!Today saw the biggest election victory for the Congess since 1984! In 1984, the Congress won 400 seats on the Rajiv Gandhi Wave. This one have an equal rank, as the victory provides stability for the next five years.
The Nifty closed at 3700 on Friday. On Friday morning at 6:17 AM, I wrote in this blog,
"As I write this, the world markets are slightly up, an NDTV exit poll gives 246 seats to the UPA and the Fourth front, pushing this group within striking distance of power, without the need for left support."
In the same post, I did offer a trading idea:
You may wish to keep an options straddle by buying calls and puts of 3600 strike. That's to take advantage of any sharp post election move.

The same message was repeated on CNBC at the 9:30 show.

Now, on Monday, the Nifty could easily open at 3900, with a 200 point gap. If you do not have any positions, how should day traders plan their strategy? I gave some suggestions in Friday's post, which I am repeating:
"The methods are: (a) Use the 15 minute breakout rule to enter the long side, (b) Buy on breakout after a period of consolidation, (c) Buy on an Oscillator dip to the middle line (zero for the CCI, 50 for stochastics & RSI). Keep a stop, but keep it slightly loose so that full advantage may be taken if today turns out to be trend day."

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dineshrishi said...

Greetings to you Sir,

Thanks for the call to buy 3600 long straddle.

Now the Q is how to square off postion on Monday.

1. If Nifty opens up gap up of 200 points.

2. If the gap is more than 200 points.

3. If it opens flat with just gap up of sat 50 points.

4. Last but not least if, Madam (M) creates some problem and we open flat to negative.

Please advise how to reap max profit out of 3600 Long straddle.

With regards