Sunday, October 5, 2008

Must Watch this Sunday

Here is a 9 minute video that you should watch. I laughed for all the nine minutes.
How Markets Really Work

In 'Practical technical Analysis', I have a new topic: Trading big news events


Deepak said...

It was indeed very nice.....but I suggest you that you also must watch the comments of Great marc faber (littered in You tube).......I really admire and love him for his upfront remarks....I will just quote his one comment " the asian banks are rock solid then there counter parts in Europe and America because the people at the helms of these banks were dumb and did not understand the instruments like structured deals and the swaps and therefore did not dealt in them'

Sometimes dumb people are better off then the smarter guys. similarly many investors who were dumb enough to understand the derivative instruments are better off then the investors ( traders) who thought themselves to be intelligent enough to deal in derivatives, and have lost enormous money in the fall.

(Paul matta)

Venkat said...

Good one to make us laugh ..Late legendary tamil poet Kannadasan once said a " good joke is one ..which will bring Laughter ..the very moment you hear ....and will bring tears moment you think deep about it.Exactly this fit into that.