Monday, September 1, 2008

A Personal Note on my Blogs

This blog is my way of saying thanks to all the affection that I have received from traders & investors.

The Dalai Lama says: "Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality."

I wish to share whatever knowledge I have gathered over the years.

This Blog is written to share my ideas, thoughts. I do not wish to make this into a chat session. For this reason, I do not reply to comments, although I read them carefully and really look forward to reading them.

Different Topics on Trading have been put in seperate blogs. There is a Blog List visible to the left of the blog notes. This list contains the names of the Blogs and the latest article for each. As time goes by, it will be easier to keep different topics in different blogs.

1 comment:

Venkat said...

So nice of you Sukhaniji.Doing such service with commitment and sincerity is so beautiful of u.In my opinion reading ur blog is more powerful than reading a book ur blog is on practical day to day Scenarios .As a thank you note.. I strongly recomend you to do the Art of living course - With Love Venkatesh